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However, before spending time and effort on anything to do with your idea or invention, you are advised to investigate matters first, and the first thing to do is to determine whether or not you could be working on an Idea or Invention which is already known.

Moreover, if your searches find nothing which is in conflict with your Idea or Invention, that could just be because you have either not found it, or it is still in the so-called "Patent-Pipeline".  This is my expression; coined many years ago, when I compared the existence of intellectual property that had not yet been made public and therefore contained the equivalent of material which was inside a pipeline and could not be seen until it had left that pipeline.    This is thus a metaphor for the Patent Examiner not being able to examine patents which have not yet been published, due to the fact that a patent application takes 18 months from the date of first filing (the Priority Date) to be published.  I often do not see this 18 months rule, mentioned by those providing services for Inventors!

But please note that searches carried out via the Internet without proper care, can lead to your idea or invention becoming known, so please refer to Patent Searches, before carrying out any such searches. 


When filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office in Newport, South Wales, a patent is actually referred to as a patent application, and this is defined as a technical description of an invention, written in such a way that an expert in the field of the invention can reproduce it.  So, you do not need to worry about describing too much detail in a patent specification, provided that the invention is described so that an expert in the field of the invention can reproduce it.   Moreover, the Claims have to be backed up by the content of the Description.

Eventually, an Abstract needs to be submitted at the Intellectual Property Office, and this is a Precis of your Description, and comprises about 150 words or less.   It should also contain the most suitable diagram that forms part of your patent Description.

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The filing of a first patent application is important in order to at least protect the initial concept behind an idea or invention.  This provides Patent Protection whilst investigation and development of the Invention takes place.  You file as early as possible in order to try to "beat the opposition" in time, and as late as possible, in order to delay the onset of official fees at the Intellectual Property Office; especially if you are going to want international Patent Protection.

Thorough development of the Idea or Invention, combined with our creative contribution, and the use of powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, will give rise to the filing of improvement patent applications, and, eventually, the filing of a final Definitive patent application which describes the  developed Idea or Invention, and which will hopefully go through the Patent System to give rise to a Granted Patent.

For examples of what we have done, and can do for you, please see "The Underwater Wheelchair, and other inventions we have worked on.