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Dr Wybrow

From Dr Wybrow:

I worked intensely on projects for Sue Austin and Jet Black, using my powerful CAD software.


I built some of the early prototypes for Jet's Invention; and Jet refers to me in the Book on The Stranglers Rock Band entitled "No Mercy". (See page 276).

Under "Published Patents", you can see some of the many hundreds of other Inventions I have worked on, including some of my own.


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The Underwater Wheelchair.  This enables Sue Austin (Inventor) to perform Aquabatics; i.e. underwater manoeuvres.  Sue used to dive, but became a wheelchair user.  She then invented the Underwater Wheelchair so that she could carry on diving, using a full set of breathing apparatus.  Dr Wybrow, of Patently Creative, pr oduced this C

System for Remotely Playing a

Percussion Musical Instrument

(Patented for Sue by Dr Wybrow)

US 6201173 (B1)

"Customised Equipment"

This is a video of Sue in

her Underwater Wheelchair

This is a video of a Stylised representation of Sue's Underwater Wheelchair which was produced using our CAD software

Clamping System. Invented by John Marke and Dr Brian Wybrow.  This was originally intended to be used as a double-jawed clothes peg, but became equally useful for holding "cables to cables", and has many other uses.
Clamping System. Invented by Jophn Marke and Dr Brian Wybrow. It was originally invented to be used as a double-jawed clothes peg, because one sometimes handles the jaws of a conventional clothes peg when selecting one from a bag of them. It was also found to be useful for holding one object; for example a cable; to another cable.
One of the Patent Drawings from Jet Black's patented invention for Remotely Playing a Percussion Musical Instrument.  Dr Wybrow, of Patently Creative, prepared and filed the patent application for this invention.

Jet Black; Founder Member and Drummer of The Stranglers Rock Band.

Double-Jawed Clamp

Dr Brian Wybrow

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