From our vast experience in the field of idea and invention development, product design and product development, we are confident that experienced Inventors, and those who have just begun the difficult journey from initial idea, to final definitive product or process, will benefit from working with Patently Creative, which provides a thorough and well thought-out description of an idea or Invention in the form of the filed patent application, with accompanying development and further patenting of the developed invention over time.

Experience has shown that, after an Inventor who needs help with an idea or help with an invention, has spoken to us, and received lots of free advice, they become convinced that it is worth continuing to use the services of Patently Creative.  Various ways of helping with the idea or invention are then discussed, and a plan of action is adopted.


Until actual information about an idea or an invention is provided by the Inventor, advice is free, but as soon as the Inventor decides to go further, a signed Confidentiality Undertaking is provided, and the various options available are explained.  We then provide a range of quotations.  These are explained later, under "COMMERCIAL ASSESSMENT".


Our service is very cost-effective and friendly, and, because it is operated by a professional inventor, with over 30 years experience in this field, coupled with many years previous experience in industry as a research and development scientist, we know what Inventors need, we help them to avoid the pitfalls, and can provide a detailed scientific assessment of the Inventor's idea or invention, based upon that experience.

So, if you need invention help, or idea help, or product design help, or patent help, then Patently Creative is here to help you with those ideas and inventions.

It is thus through the considerable experience gained in helping Inventors to get their ideas and inventions developed and patented, that the flexible, and cost-effective, service which is based on this experience, can provide such a valuable and useful aid to inventing for Inventors. 


We have worked for many hundreds of Inventors, and in many cases, Granted Patents have been obtained for them; some owned by the business.