the jpeg image of the Underwater Wheelchair was produced from a previous CAD drawing.


The CAD software is Vector driven, and this means that it is represented by mathematical equations on the computer, and can therefore be manipulated on the computer screen as if it is in "three-dimensional space".

Individual component parts are created and then assembled to represent the intended product.

We can prepare such diagrams for your invention during the design phase of product development and patent preparation.   

Images and diagrams can also be used for preparing illustrations for marketing your invention.  

This jpeg drawing of the Wheelchair was produced using our CAD software. 

The CAD drawing was converted to two-dimensional form for incorporation into the patent specification.

A Computer Aided Design Image Created For One of Our Inventor Clients

It was created whilst viewing videos and photographs of the actual wheelchair.

Images of your invention can thus be produced from such CAD drawings. 

THE UNDERWATER WHEELCHAIR       Invented by Sue Austin 

The associated Patent was processed through to Grant by Patently Creative