Dr Brian Wybrow -  Patent Advisor

Dr Brian Wybrow

Scientist/Engineer/Patent Advisor/Inventor

Chartered Chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry

MRSC; Grad RSC; Ph. D. (Lond.)

Patently Creative

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This is an article from RSC News in 2010, about Dr Wybrow's career..

Patently Creative provides a trustworthy, cost-effective and personal one-to-one, patenting service based on over thirty years experience.  We provide a free initial consultation,  and you will gain considerable knowledge about patenting during this initial period.

Now located in South Wales, and formerly located in London, we have been providing a service to Inventors for over thirty years, and have a proven track-record in providing idea help, patent help, and invention help help, which has involved the filing of a very large number of patent applications.   Patently Creative covers all aspects of inventing, including the provision of critical appraisals, product design and development, patent preparation and filing, with a particular emphasis on producing patent applications which evolve from the application of continual Creativity.  

Welcome From Dr Wybrow

Since 1990, our mission has remained the same — to provide unparalleled service and allow our work to exceed all expectations of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness.     Our aim is always to make certain that our Inventors are satisfied with our services, with a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction.
We always strive to meet and exceed industry expectations, with an emphasis on quality and perfection, and the Inventor benefits from an "In House" service, via direct communication with me, and so will not involve having to deal with others, initially.  Over the years, we have acquired contacts with organisations which offer many services, such as prototyping, manufacturing, injection moulding, and use them when required, rather that employing them directly.  This keeps costs down, and provides more flexibility in the operation of the business.

When the business began in London, I traded as Wybrow Innovations, and this was set up in an endeavour to work initially as a Professional Inventor, based on my creativity and background in science and technology, whilst acquiring knowledge in the field of inventing, patent preparation, and product development; frequently aided by advanced computer-aided-design facilities.

With my already acquired Graduacy in Chemistry, membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Doctor of Philosophy Degree, coupled with experience in research and development in industry, with frequent writing of technical reports on my work (some leading to publication and presentations at Symposia) I became a Patent Advisor.      This is a term used by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) alongside the term Patent Attorney when providing a source of help for Inventors on its website.   
My first major invention was the Prismatic Audio Cassette Case; a device for making it easier to read the title on a cassette tape whilst it was stored in the case, but without the need for an inlay card.   This patented invention was eventually shown on the "Tomorrow's World" television programme, in the "Patents Pending" part, and was prompted by my daughter getting my tapes muddled up with hers.    This exemplifies a major principle of inventing in that a need was identified and then satisfied through insertion of an optical refracting prism in a cassette case.      
I capitalised on the fact that the case had to be deep enough to take the wider part of an audio cassette where the tape was, and so, the case was able to contain a prism at the opposite end of the case.
At this time, I met Pat Russell-Rayner (now sadly deceased) who was a European Patent Attorney and a former Lancaster Bomber Pilot in the Pathfinder Squadron, in World War Two.    Pat taught me so much about patenting, and I am profoundly grateful for his help and advice.   Pat was involved in many major inventions, and ran the Business Centre in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

I have had Stands at Invention Shows in London, Birmingham, and elsewhere, and won an award for another of my inventions - The Double-Jawed-Clamping-System; which is shown on the website. 

As confirmed by discussions with past Inventor Clients, I will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about inventing, and it is free of cost until I learn about your actual idea or invention.    I first establish what the idea or invention is about; i.e. does it involve gardening, or a bicycle, or a vehicle, etc.    This is to avoid any conflict of interests over work for previous Inventors, and any inventions that I may have been, or are currently, working on.    This thus attempts to "clear the path" towards working for you, safely.    Please do not be put off by me being an Inventor; but instead, understand that Inventors identify needs, and often have only one solution to the need.  Using the services of Patently Creative, always results in more ways of satisfying the identified need, and provides the Inventor with more chance of success, through the accompanying development and patent protection of the evolving invention.

You will find that others doing what I do, talk about "Information Packs" and the provision of a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" (NDA) but, do they ensure that there is not going to be a conflict of interests because they have already worked on your idea or invention; for someone who has the same invention!    I always establish the correct Terms of Reference before learning about your idea or invention, and I do provide a signed NDA, also known as a Confidentiality Undertaking. Please refer to the Blog page for more information.   You can print our business brochure here, and we will send you a copy by post if wish. 

Costs are always competitive, and I will discuss your needs and how much you can afford.  We can then arrive at the best way to move forward.    Details of the costs you will incur are summarised here.

A first telephone call from you will be returned by me, so that it effectively becomes free for a sufficiently long period for discussing your needs.     Please view the pages of the website and I hope that you will see what I have achieved, and can achieve, for you, and please realise that you will be working with an Inventor, and not just somebody who can produce, and file patent specifications.
Dr Brian Wybrow