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We have been providing a comprehensive service to Inventors since 1990, and much has changed in the world of inventing since then, with many changes such as filing online, improvements in product development, manufacture; and many more.  We provide considerable free invention help before we learn about you invention, and our costs are very competitive.    


The business is operated by Dr Brian Wybrow; an accomplished Inventor and Innovation Manager with previous experience in industry as a qualified scientist involved in research and development.  We were formerly located in London, but are now located in Monmouthshire, South Wales, near Abergavenny.


Our Service to Inventors has grown steadily since its creation, and continues to help Inventors throughout the United Kingdom via the accumulation of a wealth of knowledge and experience, involving inventions and inventing, per se.    We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective, flexible, and friendly, approach, via a range of services, including patenting. product design and development, graphic illustration, and technical writing. 


The Inventor receives very personal, one-to-one treatment, based on direct experience with inventing.  


A Typical Scenario

You have an idea, or have an invention, and need help with protecting it, developing it, prototyping it, getting it manufactured, and eventually to market.  You have learned that it needs to be protected by patenting and have probably searched for - "help with an idea", or "help with an invention", or help with "patenting an invention".  You also need help with product design and development.   However, an idea needs to relate to a patentable product or process, and to be patentable, the product or process must be new, and novel, and capable of industrial application, which really means that it must be practicable.

We can protect an idea, or an invention, and show you how we can get a patent granted for you, or we can show you how to patent your invention yourself, at lower cost.    If you do wish us to do the work, we can prepare a thoroughly thought-out and detailed, description of your invention, which will be incorporated in a patent application to be filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) in Newport, South Wales.  This can be followed by development of the invention with accompanying further patent protection.


The description of the invention will contain diagrams, which are prepared using our powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and it is important to understand that whilst an idea alone is not patentable, protection of the concept behind the idea by filing a basic description of it, will establish a so-called "Priority Date" for it, and that will protect your Intellectual property whilst development and further investigation concerning it, takes place.    You may just have an idea, and not know what do do next; we will help you at every step of the way in your endeavours. 

Please view the patents listed elsewhere on this website and you will see what we have done, and can do, for you. 

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